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  • We specialize in providing beautiful, functional trails.

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  • Sustainable natural-surface trails for all uses.

Our services

Trail Consulting and Planning Services

TrailArts extensive field experiences and training from sources like the International Bicycle Association (IMBA), Arrowhead Trails, Inc. (ATI), the Professional Trail Builders Association (PTBA), and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC), allows us to bring the very latest trail technologies to your project. We excel at balancing the dynamic needs of the trail user, the realities of developing cost-effective and sustainable trail facilities, and effective management of the surrounding natural resources.

Project Planning and Facilitation

With any trail project, whether rehabilitation on existing trails or the development of an entirely new trail system, there are initially a myriad of details to be determined and organized. TrailArts offers professional consulting services that support the preliminary phases of project planning and facilitation including site analysis, feasibility studies, cost estimates, presentations, and public meetings. Our consulting services can help you cut through the red tape, organize the details, and get your project started on the right foot!

Site Planning and Trail Layout

Every great trail starts with sound basis for its plan and professional execution of the final layout, and yours should too! TrailArts will provide you with field-based site analysis, specification-based alignments, and GPS/GIS analysis. And all of our work is based on proven rolling-contour trail planning and layout standards developed by the Professional Trail Builders Association (PTBA), the USDA National Forest Service, Arrowhead Trails, Inc. (ATI), and the International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA). From a simple re-route to a fully master-planned system of trails TrailArts has the knowledge and experience to provide sustainable user-friendly alignments over the most challenging of terrain!

Trail Resource Training

TrailArts also provides organizations, clubs, groups, and agencies with classroom or field-based trail resource training and education. We offer practical informative instruction on trail planning and project coordination, volunteer leadership and crew-leading, trail-side resource management, multi-user trail dynamics, natural surface construction methods, fitness requirements, responsible trail use, and more! From workshops or seminars that encompass large bodies of information to specified presentations and clinics, we can provide the practical knowledge you need to maximize the capabilities of your volunteers or personnel!

Trail Construction Services

We construct natural surface trails by hand and with machine assistance from 18” to 60” wide utilizing tried and true rolling-contour concepts and construction standards developed by the National Forest Service, the Professional Trail Builders Association, the International Mountain Bicycle Association, and Arrowhead Trails, Inc. All of our construction work adheres to these industry standards and we’re always looking for creative solutions to enhance these standards and our own capabilities.

New Trail Construction

Utilizing existing plans and construction parameters or our own plans and plan/build processes, we have a record of construction successes in a variety of conditions. From a short re-route of social trail to a complete system of trails, TrailArts has the experience to construct the highest quality natural-surface shared-use trails and trailside facilities with a minimum of impact to the surrounding environment.

Trail Maintenance and Restoration

TrailArts specializes with the maintenance and restoration of existing trail systems as well! From standard periodic maintenance services like corridor pruning, hazard removal, tread adjustments and drainage enhancements, to full re-construction and restoration we have the experience to bring your existing trail systems back to proper specifications. And we offer a one-year warranty on all of our maintenance and restoration work!

Trail and Trailside Structures

TrailArts excels at the art of plan/build stonescaping and structural stonework and specializes with Gravity-Supported Natural Stone. We provide the highest quality hand-fitted or machine-built stone structures with options from simple cost-effective crib construction to chinked and armored construction. Retaining walls, armored crossings, stone retained culvert drains, bridging, stone pitching, steps, and more!

Reclamation and Restoration

With the acceleration of park, open space, and greenway development utilizing former agricultural areas and previously reclaimed areas such as landfills, quarries, and deforestation zones, much of our work now involves the creation of sustainable user systems within previously disturbed and impacted areas. We provide innovative and cost effective trail closure and reclamation, roads to trails reclamation, drainage mitigation, habitat restoration and forest health solutions. Our ability to integrate development of viable trail systems with the reclamation and restoration of these newly designated recreational areas is unsurpassed.

Specialized Trail Subcontracting Services

TrailArts offers some of the highest quality trail-specific sub-contracting services available. Attention to detail and an unwavering determination to provide the highest quality finished product helps our clients achieve their project goals more efficiently and profitably! Whether a trail contractor, landscape contractor, or general contractor, TrailArts expertise can help you finish your trail project the right way!

Consulting and Planning Support

Project planning and facilitation, trail layout, UTAP based site analysis, feasibility analysis, developmental training, project management, crew leadership and training, and more.

Construction Labor Support

We have extensive labor experience with hand-built and machine-built trail construction processes: Corridor clearing and swamping, specialized pruning and arbor services, trail and corridor processing and finishing, timber structures, stone structures, drainage structures, and a multitude of trailside structures.

Equipment Operation

The Mini-Excavator is our Paintbrush!

We offer the most efficient and conscientious Mini Excavator operation available! We can cut your trail, sub-finish your rough-cut, rehabilitate existing trail or close and obliterate old trails. Whatever the conditions, our Mini-X and equipment operation services can whip your trail into shape while minimizing unnecessary disturbances to the surrounding natural environment.
"Thank you for all you do! These trails are a big part of my life!"

Luke Krueger - Rapid City, SD